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Network Design

The Keys of Opportunity has the experience of designing network architectures and troubleshooting small and meduim residential networks. Our consultants have over eighteen years of experience working with computers, printers, modems, and networks components. We will help you design and implement a network that includes wired and wireless technology options. The Keys of Opportunity Consultants will assist you in all stages of your network project. Based on your requirements, The Keys of Opportunity Consultants will first help you select the network design best suited for your organization or small business. We will then select and assemble the hardware components that maximize the performance of your applications.

A careful engineering practice ensures that your network or wireless system will be effective and reliable. All networks or systems delivered by the Keys of Opportunity undergo rigorous testing to verify performance based on your applications. The Keys of Opportunity works with a wide range of organizations from small to meduim businesses.

We help introduce wire and wireless applications to: Small office or high technology home business, Non-profit,Medium Businesses, and Printing solutions for the home office. Taking you to the next level in the cutting edge of technology

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