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Financial Info

Missing Money Click on "Missing"       

       • Missing Money for the state of Michigan  - Click on Missing Money for the state of Michigan "Unclaimed Property "       

       • Affordable Connectivity Program- Check if eligible to receive $30/month off your Internet Service Provider (Comcast, AT&T, Spectrum) "Affordable Connectivity "

    • Tax Return Status Click on Check My Refund Status for your Federal Tax Return "My Return Status "

    • Check on your State of Michigan Tax Return Your State of Michigan Tax Return"

Legal Services of Eastern Michigan - provided free legal services for Genesee County residents over the age of 65 (no income limit) and those under 65
200% of Fed Poverty level. The phone number for the Legal Service of    
Eastern Michigan is 810 322-4512

VA Benefits - Secondary VA Claims That Could Increase Your VA Rating             

  • GVAAA $1000 Assistance - for caring for people with dementia. The contact info
for the GVAAA $1000 Scholarship for help caring for
Dementia Patients is Caitlin Goyer at 248 996-1066 or

GVAAA Free KN95 Masks 810 239-7671                                                                

Medicare - Receive 8 Free Covid-19 tests per month from participating            pharmacies by showing your medicare card

Various Senior Discounts

Homestead Property Allowance - $1500 including renters who pay 40% of their income as rent

  • Government IBonds (Inflation Bonds) - Interest Rate 9.62% thru Oct 2022, must be held for minimum of 12 months. "Go To" 

Qualified Charitable Distributions - How You Can Donate To Your RMD Using          Qualified Charitable Distributions "Qualified Charitable Distributions"   

Voter Info - See/view the status of your ballots for Michigan   "Voter Status for MI"     

My Social Security - How To Create Your Own Social Security Account and Check the status and ensure security "My SSA"     

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Financial Info
Missing Money Unclaimed Property - Michigan Treasury Direct Affordable Connectivity Program
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